Superior  Computer Charge  Solution    (CCS charge controllers)  

Rechargeable batteries have a limited life span.  Each charge cycle reduces it further , especially fast charging.  A  new charge  controller  intelligence  (CCS  chip) brings batteries to  greater performance levels. 
    CCS   extends  the battery life to 5000 charge cycles+ and charges  empty NC, NM batteries in about 20  minutes, 
              from any charge level. No  discharge is necessary. There is no  memory effect and ccs corrects and conditions     
              batteries automatically. 
                           The same  charging unit  charges  different types, sorts or sizes of batteries, or battery packs,single  or     
                           series mounted. (NC,NM,NIFE,LI - ION,LEAD ACID, SLA, ALKALINE  etc. )

              External  influences, like  temperature  variations, can  not effect  the precision and  reliability of  the charging        
              process.There is no  need  for safety  mechanism. No extra  sensors  are  needed.  A simple two-lead wire             
              connects the battery. It can  be charged  from variable energy  sources  without  additional stabilization.This
              is idel for solar or feedback charging.

             The  operation is fully automatic, reliable, cost saving,and simple. End users need no technical expertise;                                                                                                                          
                               ........... there is more, and nothing comes close, to CCS.  ( see details )

Reliability Test: Some of the worlds leading Companies, especially Medical Supply Providers, who's primary concern is reliability, have done the research and found CCS is setting new standards.  

                                               These are some of the Companies using CCS charge controllers:                      and many more, see:  BTI References